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Meeting Indonesia's Future Energy Demand

In our commitment to meeting future demand with better energy, Total E&P Indonésie recently began producing South Mahakam Phases 1 & 2. They consist of three gas and condensate fields (Stupa, East Mandu and Jumelai) and two gas fields (Jempang and Metulang) located approximately 35 kilometers southeast of Balikpapan.

Early Kickoff of the South Mahakam Project

Total E&P successfully started production from South Mahakam two months ahead of schedule. The newly installed facilities of South Mahakam Development Phases 1 & 2 were brought on stream on October 25, 2012. First gas was produced from two wells drilled from the main Stupa platform, with output reaching 100 MMscfd on October 28, including 18,000 barrels of oil a day. This will help to meet future energy demand in Indonesia and the world.

Helping the Environment

The South Mahakam Project is pivotal to helping Total meet future energy demand. As a highly experienced, high committed company, Total E&P Indonésie has been successfully exploring for and producing oil and natural gas in Indonesia's Mahakam Delta since 1968. The project has given the country access to more energy thanks to four factors: taking high risks in exploration, maximizing production in the Mahakam Delta with enhanced technology, investing for the future with high quality service stations, and promoting solar energy by marketing a wide range of products in remote areas.

The Future

Looking to the project's future, Total is continuing to enlarge partnerships with national businesses and significantly increase indirect employment, which is currently estimated at 22,000 full-time jobs at our industrial sites. We’re strongly committed to providing the best energy management in Indonesia to further the country’s welfare and prosperity.

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