Teaching, Sharing and Engaging in Mahakam Block

Total E&P Indonesie is committed to education and capacity building of its surrounding. Initiated by employees at Senipah Peciko South Mahakam (SPS) Site, the so-called Senipah Teaching Program enables the young generation of the surrounding to obtain knowledge about English and Engineering, applied to the oil and gas industry.

Sharing the Knowledge

Senipah Teaching Program is an evening class conducted every twice a week for junior high school students and high school students to deliver knowledge about the oil and gas industry. This aims to give accessibility to the young generation to have knowledge about the industry and to further open the opportunity to join the company through selection process applied.

Being part of the surrounding citizen, it is employees’ good will to have interaction with the neighborhood and give contribution to the development of the area.

Total E&P Indonesie and the local youth agreed to have the tutor and the teaching materials provided by Total E&P Indonesie. As for venue was offered to be managed and provided by the local youth. In the end, this offer was well welcomed.

The first session was conducted on June 19, 2013, with 50 junior high school students, senior high school students, and high school graduates. Some of them are residents of Senipah, the location where Total E&P Indonesie operates. However, there are also many of them came from a fairly distant district from the teaching location, approximately 40 kilometers away.

The classes consist of Basic English, intermediate English and engineering. The engineering class is divided into: production and maintenance. Maintenance materials cover three topics; instrument, electric, and mechanic. Moreover, the safety team from the training center also teaches safety riding and basic safety.

“Surprisingly, there are a lot of them who are willing to take part as volunteer. Indeed, the expatriates are also interested to participate in”, says Alfian, one of the initiator of the program.

Volunteers with High Track Records

There are about 40 employees who volunteer in the program. They are experienced personnel with high competency. Most of them have experience as a supervisor and trainer.

In every teaching-learning session, each student is given a module as their learning guide. For the time being, they are using common English module for English class. As for technical class, each tutor will provide the module, taken from various sources. However, due to the dynamic working activity at work place, tutor may be replaced by anyone at anytime. Nevertheless, teaching process always continue with the agreed syllabus.

Tutoring and Field Visit

Studying aside, the students are also given the opportunity to visit Total E&P Indonesie’s field. This gives the students elaborate explanation on the real situation of work at an oil and gas company.

After about two years, some Senipah Teaching Program alumni who took part in the Operator Technician Program (OTP) test, luckily passed the enrollment test held by Total E&P Indonesie. In OTP-3 held last year, six out of seven who passed the test were SPS Teaching Program students. The number continued to increase. In OTP-4, there were nine SPS Teaching program alumni who passed the test. Some of them have even successfully enrolled in reputable universities in East Kalimantan.

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