10/21/2015 - News

Total Supports East Kalimantan Economy and Capacity Enhancement

As the largest natural gas producer in Indonesia, Total E&P Indonesie (TEPI) continuously endeavors to assist the local community to boost their capability and capacity, open new jobs, and develop the local economy in East Kalimantan.

Thru the implementation of Operations Support Program focused on Education, Research, and Capacity Development, TEPI has two programs to realize its commitment i.e. Oil & Gas Operator and Technicians and Certification Training Program and Local Contractor Capacity Development Program. Both programs received Gelar Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Berbasis Budaya (GPMB) Awards 2015 organized by Human Resource and Culture Coordinating Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia.

Oil & Gas Operator and Technicians and Certification Training Program received Platinum award – the highest award in this event – for New Job Creation Participation Program. Then, Local Contractor Capacity Development Program received Gold award in the same field.

Oil & Gas Competency Training for Local Youths

TEPI opens formal and informal  education path thru Operator & Technician Program (OTP) and Oil & Gas Certification Training Program, TEPI in partnership with Unit Pelaksana Teknis Dinas Daerah (UPTD) Education and SMU in five sub-districts in Kutai Kartanegara District (SMUN 1 Anggana, SMUN 1 Muara Badak, SMUN 1 Muara Jawa, SMUN 1 Samboja, SMUN 1 Sanga-Sanga) to provide supplementary education in an effort to enhance student competency. TEPI intensively supports education focused on science (Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics), English and Indonesian Language, which are key subjects in enhancing the competency of the students.

As preparat5ion of OTP implementation, TEPI provides training by using “Training for Trainers” method for science, Indonesian Language, and English for 25 selected teachers to represent five schools from five sub-districts. In addition, since 2013 intensive learning facilitation has been given to 200 students of grade 12 (for two months prior to completion of studies) in five schools by the teachers who had participated in the above training.

Number of students who successfully enrolled in OTP test conducted by TEPI reached more than 50% of the open positions. The students who have passed the final OTP test majoring in production, electricity, mechanics, and instrument will be recruited by the company and will be assigned to TEPI’s operational sites.

Then in 2014 Oil & Gas Certified Training Program conducted to provide equal opportunities for 100 local youths to participate and work in the oil & gas industry in their region by equipping them with certified work skills. This program can hopefully narrow the gap in employment oil & gas companies (contractors and sub-contractors) between the local youths and newcomers by improving the work skills with tested competency. It also supports Kutai Kartanegara District Government in efforts to enhance the skill capacity and knowledge of the local youths. After passing the psychology test, the participants will follow the entire Oil & Gas Certified Training held at the Oil & Gas Education and Training Center (Pusdiklat) in Cepu, Central Java.

Local Contractor Optimization

TEPI also gives opportunities to local companies or contractors –UD, CV, PT, or cooperatives– to develop their capacity so that they can become goods and services suppliers for the company. In line with the company’s CSR vision in community economic empowerment and local community development to improve the income per capita (economy) and self-sufficiency, then the Local Contractor Capacity Development Program was implemented.

To enable them to compete with other contractors, TEPI conducts dissemination of information related to Supply Chain Management Manual (PTK 007) and tender regulations in the oil & gas industry. It also provides training such as Company Administration and Business Management, Finance and Tax, HSE, Calculation of Domestic Component Level (TKDN), etc.

Further, TEPI involves the local contractors in goods and services supply process for the company’s needs in the company’s operational sites and facilities, thru procurement process (direct selection and call for tender). TEPI also facilitates the local contractors to be registered as the company’s vendors. The program implemented since 2008 has benefited 64 local contractors in Samboja, Muara Jawa, Anggana, Muara Badak Sub-Districts, Kutai Kartanegara District, which is part of TEPI’s operational areas.