10/21/2015 - News

Total Keeps Enviromental Sustainability, Provides Energy and Clean Water

As manifestation of its commitment to the community and environment in East Kalimantan, Total E&P Indonesie (TEPI) is consistently committed to saving and conserving the earth, and compiles community empowerment programs to access renewable energy and clean water.

Thru Environment & Alternative Energy Dept of Sustainable Development & Societal Relations Division, TEPI realizes its commitment to maintain the environmental conservation and at the same time participates in solving social problems related to energy and clean water supply. TEPI makes every effort to assist the Regional Government in solving theses complex problems.

There are 4 Environment & Alternative Energy programs implemented by TEPI which got Gelar Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Berbasis Budaya (GPMB) Awards 2015 organized by Human Resource and Culture Coordinating Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia.

Mahakam Delta Rehabilitation

Since 2003, TEPI has implemented One Million Mangrove Tree Planting programs in Mahakam Delta each year. TEPI also becomes a pioneer in mangrove ecosystem rehabilitation in this area, in addition to construction of a buffer-zone area with the land belonging to the local residents. Until today, TEPI has successfully replanted 14,389,999 mangrove trees, with total cost of Rp 11 billion. Because of the benefits of this program, TEPI got Platinum awards – the highest award – in 2015 GPMB Awards.

Renewable Energy Utilization

In addition to the company’s slogan, ‘Committed to Better Energy’, TEPI also implements ’Si MAMAT’ program, Economical, Beneficial, and Friendly Solar (Solar Home System). This is a renewable energy utilization program, in this case using energy from the Sun (solar). This program is designed to open access to energy, assist in giving access to renewable energy and more economical for the communities in Mahakam Delta areas who have not had access to electricity, such as in Muara Pantuan Village, Anggana Sub-District.

Since its inauguration in 2010, this program successfully introduced and installed more than 100 SHS to the villagers. Then in 2013 SHS units were installed in 5 elementary schools (SD 014 Tani Baru, SD 015 Muara Pantuan, SD 016 Sepatin, SD 017 Tanjung Berukang, and SD 022 Tanjung Pimping). Now this program coverage is expanded in Anggana Sub-District. Because of its benefits, this program got gold GPMB Awards 2015, Poor Family Access to Renewable Energy Program category.

Other renewable energy program getting awards in the same category is Group Base Biogas Installation and Rolling Cow Program. This program is continuation of assistance program of the previous year (2011 – 2012) when TEPI gave rolling assistance of 48 cows for seven animal husbandry groups in Muara Jawa and Samboja Sub-Districts, Kutai Kartanegara District.

Installation pilot project is implemented in Sindang Jaya Farmers Group, Muara Jawa Tengah Village, Muara Jawa Sub-District, Kutai Kartanegara District with digester volume capacity of 9 m³ for gas volume of 1.8 m³ or equal with six cow capacity for cooking gas consumption in the two families. In 2014, TEPI continued the success of this program to Sejahtera Jaya Farmers Group in Teluk Pamedas Village, Samboja Sub-District and Ruhui Rahayu I Farmers Group in Muara Jawa Ilir Village, Muara Jawa Sub-District with larger capacity i.e. digester volume of 3 m³ for gas volume of 2.6 m³.

Community-Based Clean Water

Other program receiving an award in 2015 GPMB is Community-Based Clean Water Facility Program. This program received gold award in the Creation of Access To Pot Water and Environment Sanitation Program. Thru the community development program, TEPI has improved the Clean Water Facilities for the communities in areas surrounding the company’s operations and facilities since 2000. One of the programs already implemented is clean water supply and improved clean water facilities for the community in Sanipah Village, with clean water pipeline managed by Yayasan Pembangunan Masyarakat Sanipah (YAPENMAS).

In partnership with TEPI, YAPENMAS eventually has Water Treatment Installation located in RT 4, Sanipah Village. Initially with one deep water well, Yapenmas served 130 houses. Until the end of 2013 the total population receiving clean water services were around 3,000 people in 9 RTs of the existing 16 RTs in Sanipah Village – 60% of the people receiving clean water services.