Denny, Passion that Leads to Achievements

Denny Pribadi, known as Denny Sembalap Total, plays a very important role in strengthening Total's serious involvement in motorsport in Indonesia.

Denny is Total's main racer in Indonesia motorsport activities. Every year, he joins at least 12 racing series consisting of touring, slalom, and gymkhana series. In collaboration with Total, he has proved his superior achievements in this field where engine performance and sharp racing skills are key to excellence.

How It All Started

Born in Purwokerto in 1971, graduated as an architect, Denny begun racing as hobby in the 90's. He started with slalom series and later found that he also enjoys touring series. When drifting started to enter Indonesia, Denny challenged himself to be able to master drifting also, with such a different background in slalom and touring. “I asked myself if I can do it, and I have proved that I can step out of my comfort zone in slalom and touring.” Following his passion, Denny decided to be involved full time in motorsport and by now, no event in slalom, touring, drifting, and gymkhana that he would miss.

Total & Denny Pribadi, Commitment in Racing Sports

Total has been known as major player in global racing sports: Formula 1, WRC, Dakar, etc. In Indonesia, Total's partnership with Denny strengthens Total's superior performance through local motorsports. Denny started to work together with Total in 2007 and created Indonesian Total Motor Sport. Since then Denny always grabs top 3 in ISSOM series, and many times he ends the season with a communal champion cup in his hand. From the beginning of his journey with Total, Denny has collected at least 125 champion cups. Denny consistently shows how passion combined with the superior performance of Total lubricants & racing fuel can result in great achievements.

Not only for personal interest, Denny has a huge passion and committed to bring racing in Indonesia to the next level that he spends all focus and commitment to this field. Not only racing in various series, he also develops racing related events to grow interest among youth to the challenging yet skill-requiring sport. “I am committed to this and it’s great knowing I have all the supports needed to develop racing sport,” added Denny. By now he has built the Indonesian Drift Community with regular drifting practice events involving professional and amateur drifters.

Short Resume

  • 2007-Present

    Partnership with Total in Indonesian Total Motorsport

  • 1990-2006

    Participated in many slalom and touring series as private tier

  • 2015

    1st Communal Champion (ISOM – Super Touring Car – B1 Class)

  • 2014

    3rd National Communal Champion (Indonesia Sentul Super Touring Car Championship –Super Retro Division); 2nd National Communal Champion (OMR Mercedes Benz Championship)

  • 2013

    2nd National Communal Champion (Indonesia Sentul Super Touring Car Championship –Super Retro Division)

  • 2012

    1st National Communal Champion (OMR Mercedes Benz Championship)

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